6 Months Post-op RNY

I had all of these grand plans of blogging throughout my entire weight loss surgery process. Then, life happens, as it is want to do. Now here I am 6 months post-op RNY and finally taking the time to blog about it.

So first things first. Surgery went fine. The only complication I had was getting my blood pressure under control coming out of anesthesia took more time than normal, so it was a couple extra hours post-op when Bill was finally able to see me. I ended up spending three days in the hospital and was released on Thanksgiving Day.

Recovery was easy and mild. I spent the first 7-ish days sleeping a lot and adjusting to the calorie deficit. After I became accustomed to it though, my energy multiplied rapidly. After two weeks off, I was cleared to go back to work. My original plan was to spend another two weeks working from home, but I was restless so I spent half of my first week back in office. Then I flew to NJ for a week for work on week 4.

This is where I will mention, I must be part mutant, as my healing process for everything is always extraordinary. Even with a major surgery like this, by week 4 I felt better then I had before surgery.

Otherwise, things have progressed better than expected. My surgical team says I am a model patient and my weight loss has been above average. At 6 months post-op, I am 15lbs from my goal weight of 180 lbs.

Some common questions I get:

  • How do I feel?
    • The short answer is AMAZING. The long answer is also AMAZING. I have more energy and less pain. I didn’t realize how much the extra weight was impacting me until it was gone.
  • How are things health wise?
    • As I’d mentioned in previous posts, I had RNY for health reasons, not to lose weight.
      • Fatty Liver: GONE
      • Pre-diabetes: GONE
      • Blood Pressure: Still there
    • What does the BP indicate? My doctors all agree that with my blood pressure remaining at it’s consistent just over normal reading that it points to it being genetic and not weight related. So I likely will never be off of BP medication, but I expected that outcome honestly.
  • How is it mentally?
    • It’s TOUGH. Body dysmorphia is real. I still see 300lbs when I look in a mirror and it’s very disorienting. I overestimate the space I need to move through the world, and I still overestimate the amount of food I can eat. It’s all super weird and disjointing.
  • Am I happy with my decision?
    • ABSOLUTELY. This is the best thing I have ever done for myself. I would do it over again and again.

I’ll leave with some side-by-sides I’ve done during the process. Taking side-by-side pictures is critical for the mental game of this surgery, as it’s the only way you really see your own progress!

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