A Weighty Update

With this new blog, I had hinted at some other upcoming big changes. This weighty update is a large part of that. I’ve had a lot of people recently wonder where we are in our infertility timeline. I know I had previously mentioned a possible summer transfer to some people. Well, after my miscarriage this winter, I took some time to myself. Both to be involved and active for Advocacy Day and WordCamp Kent, and then to just make sure I am healthy.

In doing so, a few worrying things were uncovered. During my CT scan in February to check for tumor regrowth, it was found I now have a fatty liver. Following that, blood work at my doctor’s office came back pre-diabetic. Add in the bone spurs this spring, inhibiting my mobility, and turning 35, I reached a crisis point. I’ve gained back everything I previously lost, plus another 40lbs due to the most recent IVF cycle and resulting miscarriage and emotional binge eating following.

The crisis comes from the knowledge of my family history. The vast majority of my family is very overweight. Mom died from a massive heart attack- a month after her 39th birthday. Dad was first diagnosed with type 2 diabetes when he was around my age and died from stroke at 52. I already have high blood pressure. I am now borderline diabetic and have a fatty liver.

I want to guarantee that after trying this hard to get pregnant and have a baby, that I have done everything I could to be as healthy as possible both during and after a hopefully successful pregnancy.

I am stopping this cycle now.

I have decided to use my insurance and pursue bariatric surgery. This means everything IVF related is on hold for a minimum of a year post-op. I have to give my body time to lose the weight and stabilize before continuing. I started the process in April. My insurance mandates 4 months of consecutive nutritionist appointments before they’ll approve the surgery. I chose to go through the Cleveland Clinic Bariatric program, which also has its own additional guidelines. These include medical, psychological, and nutritional clearances before I can be okay’d for surgery. So far I have psychological clearance. As of next week, I will have nutritional clearance both for my insurance and the CCF program. Medical clearance should also come soon, as I’ve had a chest x-ray, ECG, sleep study, and blood work. Then it’s just a wait for insurance approval before I get a surgery date. As I’ve already met my deductible for this year, I am hoping to have the surgery this fall.

As for which bariatric surgery I am choosing? I am going with the gold standard roux-en-y, or gastric bypass (RNY). There’s a number of deciding factors in choosing the RNY route for me:

  • The amount of excess weight to lose (110lbs.)
  • History of acid reflux
  • Long term weight loss success
  • Ability to revise in emergency

So, there you have it.

Hopefully, I’ll be a healthier me this time next year. It’s drastic, but my family history is scary. Sometimes drastic times call for drastic measures.

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  1. My husband had this surgery, and it was life changing! He lost 200 lbs in a year. You won’t regret doing it, and I pray it helps prepare your body for your embryos!

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