Another Failed FET… On to Reproductive Immunology

For those that don’t know, I found out on February 1st that my 5th transfer had also failed. My original plan was to do a 6th transfer before reevaluating, but with this failure, I made the decision to take a moment. When I was pretty sure my last transfer was failing, I made an online consultation appointment with Dr. Braverman in New York. I made it as I knew the wait list for the free phone consultation was lengthy, and it was. I sent the inquiry on December 28th and got a date for mid-August.

After this transfer failed I went back to the original email I received when I got the consultation. I’d seen a line about skipping the line and paying the new patient intake fee to get started. I tried clicking the link and it didn’t go anywhere, so I replied to the email. Turns out you can’t even pay to skip the line right now and just become a patient. My only option was to call and try to get a canceled consultation appointment. So I did. Immediately. And I got lucky. I got an appointment that had just canceled for March 5th. So now I wait till the 5th, and then I spend the day waiting for him to call.

So what does all this mean and who is Dr. Braverman? Braverman is one of 3, yes, only 3 reproductive immunologists in the United States. The majority of reproductive endocrinologists still don’t even believe immune issues exist and are a thing. Reality is though that it is an issue and Dr. Braverman is one of the pioneers in the field. The downside to all of this is it is going to be costly. The patient intake fee is $3000 and it covers all of the tests I will need. Once I do the intake paperwork and pay my fee, they will draw something like 20-ish vials of blood and send it all off to Reprosource and then I wait 6-8 weeks for results.

From there, Dr. Braverman will review my results and come up with a customized game plan based on my very specific immune levels. This could be something as affordable as a high dose of prednisone, all the way to regular infusions of a crazy expensive drug called IVIG among other things. The likelihood is I will fall somewhere in the mid-ground and have a more expensive list of medications for transfer than I have previously.

So now I wait impatiently. In the meantime I am scoping out tshirts to sell to help fundraise and offset the cost of testing and medication protocol, so look for that in the coming weeks!

4 thoughts on “Another Failed FET… On to Reproductive Immunology

  1. I hope you finally get an answer Angie. My heart hurts for everything you have to go through, the unanswered questions you’re left with, and how much money you have to spend to have a family. You deserve an answer. Love you so so much. <3

    1. They are, but they’re also slightly different. So I’ll have to use whichever it is he recommends.

  2. Crossing my fingers, Angie! Would be amazing if this new treatment method could be the answer your body was looking for! If you’re in town, please give me a poke! 🙂

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