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As many of you know, Bill and I have been trying to expand our family for well over 10 years now. It took us a number of years to save to afford the out of pocket cost of fertility treatments and surgeries, but we did it. Once we started though, our embryo transfers were failing. We’ve now reached a point where we need to go a step above just a reproductive endocrinologist.

Enter a Reproductive Immunologist.

There are only 4 reproductive immunologists in the United States. The majority of reproductive endocrinologists still don’t even believe immune issues exist and are a thing. Reality is though that it is an issue.

The downside to all of this is it is going to be costly. Looking at ordering specific immune testing, completing our analysis and interpretative reports of our immune test results, having a complete consultation discussing our testing, medical history and making a correct diagnosis then crafting and releasing a customized medication protocol to my reproductive endocrinologist. All of this is likely to cost upwards of $10,000+.

This could be something as affordable as a high dose of prednisone, all the way to regular infusions of a crazy expensive drug called IVIG among other things. The likelihood is I will fall somewhere in the mid-ground and have a more expensive list of medications for transfer than I have previously.

I have set up this fundraiser to help raise funds to help assist us with all of the upcoming out of pocket costs, from the intake fee to the bloodwork, to travel and medications necessary for the subsequent FETs. This is all an out of pocket expense for us, so any help we can get is greatly appreciated!

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