FET #3, Transfer #4 is a BFN

As I posted on New Year’s Eve, my home tests were all showing negative, and yesterday my beta confirmed, FET #3, transfer #4 is negative. Baby Bergmann will not be due for our 10th wedding anniversary. Yes, you read that right. 2019 is 10 years we’ve been married. 11 years we’ve been trying to expand our family.

This is exhausting.

So what’s next? Now I wait for a very expensive, very painful period. It costs us about $3000 for each frozen embryo transfer we attempt between medication, clinic fees, and travel costs. The other dirty little secret is how terribly painful and gross a failed IVF cycle period is. Remember, my body thought it was pregnant, so my lining got super thick, I had morning sickness, all the symptoms of early pregnancy. Without the payoff. Now I stop all of that progesterone and estrogen to let my period come. That hormone crash is intense. There is not enough sleep, Tylenol, or tums in the world for it.

Once the bleeding commences I get to call my clinic and start all over again. Day 3 I go in for a baseline scan and bloodwork to check for any cysts and to make sure my hormone levels have properly cratered. Then I begin priming with estrogen again. Repeat a scan around cycle day 12 to verify my lining is correct. Then I start progesterone again and transfer 5 days later. Then another 9 days wait to see if it worked this time. Here’s to hoping transfer #5 results in a take-home baby.

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