First Round of Results are Here

Picture of a natural killer cell.

Welp, I officially have my first round of results in. After much back and forth, and shenanigans with Dr. Braverman’s office blowing me off for several weeks in a row (then after having my consultation with an NP instead of Braverman he passed away a couple of weeks later), I made the decision to go with Dr. Sher for my first round of testing.

I finally, after 14 years have an actual diagnosis for my infertility. At least, kind of. I have immunological implantation dysfunction of unknown origin. What does that mean? Basically, my body has an immune-related response to an embryo and treats it as a foreign body. It’s of unknown origin as I don’t have an immune-related disease of any sort, and it appears that only pregnancy is impacted by my bodies immune response.

The other plus is all of the other tests came back normal. So some of the more concerning things we don’t have to worry about. The only positive result I had was that my NK Cell activity is sky high.

So what’s the plan? Well, my plan right now is that I have an in-person appointment in Chicago with Dr. Kawk-Kim in September. Dr. KK will look at the results from Sher, as well as perform a very in-depth ultrasound on me, as well as a few other blood tests to rule out any remaining outliers. I have a followup in October to go over all of the results and come up with a game plan. From there I should be able to hit the ground running and do a transfer likely with my next period after that.

In the meantime, I am still selling shirts as a fundraiser to try and help offset the out of pocket costs we’ve incurred with the testing we’ve had done, the upcoming testing, and then the treatment costs. I’m trying to fundraise about half of the out of pocket cash we will need for everything, which is likely to total well over $10,000 all said and done. If you’ve already bought a shirt, I’d love your help in sharing my fundraiser page!

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