Infertility and Reproductive Freedom

Everybody wants to talk about Reproductive Freedom and Reproductive Choice. And that is a GREAT thing. My gripe is that the conversation only ever goes one-way: preventing conception until a woman is ready to have children. Access to birth control options and abortion services are of course important.

But, what about those of us who did wait, and once we were ready, nothing happened?

Reproductive choice and the conversation around it needs to also include infertility. NARALPlanned Parenthood, the ACLU, and more offer advocacy and/or services women need, excluding the services those of us that are an infertile need. We’re whisked to a corner, not to be discussed or talked about. At the end of the day, the ability to actually have a child when you want one is still considered a luxury. Access to prevention or termination is being harnessed as a right, but access to creating that life is a luxury. There is something really wrong with that.

Part of my fight is to change how infertility is treated in the realm of reproductive choice and freedom. That choice and freedom don’t end once you stop your birth control. It also means fighting for a woman’s ability to have a child when she or her partner are stricken by a disease preventing that from happening. Reproductive Freedom encompasses all stages of a woman’s life, from prevention to termination, to assisted reproductive technology, to sterilization.

We’re a part of the conversation, and we need your voices and help.

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