No Sew Jeans Repair

Being that the majority of the population is not blessed with a thigh gap, I assume most people have had the unfortunate chance of ruining their favorite pair of jeans by rubbing out the crotch. This very thing happened recently to my fave pair of jeans. This was a double painful thing as they were not only expensive designer jeans, but they were also specifically designed for Stitch Fix, so it isn’t like I could just get another pair. For those curious, the jeans are plus size Kut from the Kloth baby bootcut. I don’t own a sewing machine, and I’m definitely not buying one to ruin a fave pair of jeans on. Previous experience told me that those iron on patches don’t stick. Que me rapidly searching for no sew jeans repair tutorials. Off to Pinterest I went, but even the no sew pins used a sewing machine! Striking out there, I decided to look for no-sew repair tutorials online, where I found out about a miracle product called liquid stitch.  Once I got some I went to work.

Here’s what you will need:

  • 1 pair of busted crotch jeans
  • 1 sacrifical old pair of jeans
  • cardboard
  • liquid stitch
  • scissors

I started by finding a pair of old jeans I could use as patch material. I also grabbed a shoe box lid and cut it into squares to keep any of the liquid stitch from soaking through (it didn’t seem to, but better safe than sorry!). Next cut up the sacrificial jeans. I cut pieces out that were large enough to cover the worn area of the jeans, not just the hole!

Once that is done, turn the pair you are repairing inside out. Slide the cardboard cutouts into the area you are patching. Apply liquid stitch generously to the area, keeping in mind patch size. Lay patch over the liquid stitch. If you find the ends are still loose, add more liquid stitch under the corners. Press down. Repeat on the opposite side, to help prevent a tear on the other side. Once done, let set for 30 minutes and you are good to go!

I repaired my jeans Sunday morning (July 30th), Sunday night I wore them to a concert and they are hanging in! I will update this as I see how well it works.

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