Reproductive Immunologist Appointment Confirmed

This morning I officially clicked confirm on the reproductive immunologist appointment I have been waiting for since about February. Wait, what?!

So, I reached out to several offices during my 4th transfer, when I started testing at 5 days past transfer and started getting negatives. I reached out so early knowing the wait times for these doctors are extensive. I got in line with 4 different practices. AEB (Alan E Beer Medical Center for Reproductive Immunology), Braverman Reproductive Immunology, Dr. Kawk-Kim at Rosalind Franklin University Reproductive Medicine and Immunology, and Dr. Sher at Sher Fertility Solutions.

They all do varying levels and types of testing, with Dr. KK and Dr. Braverman being the most in-depth. When I reached out AEB was not currently taking patients, KK and Braverman had months-long waiting lists, and Dr. Sher was only doing phone consults with ordered bloodwork. So I moved forward with Sher to get some testing done to determine if I was on the right track. With the results he gave me it was 100% confirmed I was, and I made the decision that instead of having my regular RE put me on a more aggressive, but still guessing protocol, I would wait and get a protocol from a reproductive immunologist given how my results looked.

That is where we are now. I officially confirmed my appointment for Tuesday the 3rd of September today. I am driving out to Chicago on Labor Day, staying in a hotel, not eating for drinking after 10 pm in anticipation of a marathon of in-person appointments. The morning will start with another huge round of blood draws, followed by an in-depth and invasive ultrasound. From what I’ve heard the ultrasound itself takes about an hour as it looks at blood flow throughout the entire uterus. Lastly, I will meet with Dr. KK to go over my extensive reproductive history, past protocols, etc. I will start the day around 8, and possibly leave around 1 for the drive back home.

Then it’s yet more waiting. I have my follow up appointment scheduled for a video call October 4th to go over her findings in-depth, as well as to receive my protocol. From there it could be a month or two before I am ready for my next transfer. It will depend on the medications I need. Once I have received the protocol from her though, everything will start. So, here’s to hoping it isn’t TOO crazy and maybe I can transfer before the end of the year?

With all this craziness, I am still raising funds with my t-shirt fundraiserReproductive Immunologist Fundraiser! We will have a ton of upcoming expenses, both in lab fee’s, as well as travel, and hopefully paying for medications and infusions to help sustain a pregnancy for 9 months. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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  1. I had a similar ultrasound done 2 years ago a hysterosalpingograph I believe it’s called if it’s the same one I had when we were trying to figure out why we weren’t conceiving. It took a long time but I never really found it painful or super uncomfortable at the time. Good luck with everything!

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