Still Cancer Free

First and foremost, I am STILL CANCER FREE!

One of the things I have sort of ignored and/or downplayed since being diagnosed is my cancer risk. Having made the choice to keep all of my lady parts in my quest to attempt to continue fertility treatment and have at least one child, I am risking a cancer diagnosis. Since being diagnosed with serous cystadenoma with borderline malignancy in a laprascopy that was looking for endometriosis I see a gynecological oncologist twice a year.

The issue is this. Regrowth is 100% guaranteed as long as I keep my reproductive system. Any of it. Uterus, ovaries, remaining fallopian tube, and part of my cervix. This is complicated by a 30% risk that when the tumors regrow, and they absolutely will regrow, they could be cancerous. This is further complicated by the fact that those ovarian tumors weren’t even on my ovaries but on my pelvic wall. You never want to be referred to as a unicorn case by a Dr that specializes in an already small specialty.

This all adds up to an annual CT Scan, ultrasound, and 2 rounds of CA125 blood tests. This will continue until I decide I am done and submit to a complete radical hysterectomy and oophorectomy. This obviously won’t happen until I have either had a child or make the decision to stop trying with my body.

My first appointment of the year always seems to fall in March. So following the trend, of course, I got scheduled for the same day CT Scan, blood work, and office visit with my gynecological oncologist. This was also likely due to the fact that I had skipped my second check-in last year as it was around the time of my surgery. Woops.

My biggest worry as a post-op bariatric was being able to drink enough contrast. I get both an IV contrast, as well as the one you have to guzzle down. Luckily when I told them I was a post-op bariatric they said I would be fine just drinking as much of it as I could handle, which happened to only be about a quarter of it.

So I get my bloodwork done, get through CT and then the joy of sitting around for 2 hours before the appointment with Dr Rose. Luckily Cleveland Clinic is a health-conscious medical center, so I found food I could eat at their bistro and the new cancer center is super nice. I tried to ease my anxiety at what the results would be by working for most of that lunchtime, and for the most part, it worked.

Once I got in to see him, he told me first and foremost everything looks good. As of right now, there is no regrowth. Bloodwork came back good. In fact, because my CT was so good, he is recommending we back off to a once annual CT, and only an ultrasound at my second annual appointment with bloodwork. Which I am totally game for.

So for now, I get to keep my lady parts.

Another perk? Last year when I had my CT was when they first diagnosed me with a fatty liver which was part of what led to me choosing to have RNY. My liver now? Totally normal. No more fatty liver for me!

2 thoughts on “Still Cancer Free

  1. Such good news! I didn’t realise you were juggling the possibility of children vs. possibility of cancer. That’s a heavy load to carry. I really hope things work out, on both counts!

    1. Thank you!! It’s tough knowing my options suck, but it’s definitely a risk I am willing to take with monitoring!

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