Reproductive Immunologist Appointment Confirmed

This morning I officially clicked confirm on the reproductive immunologist appointment I have been waiting for since about February. Wait, what?! So, I reached out to several offices during my 4th transfer, when I started testing at 5 days past transfer and started getting negatives. I reached out so early knowing the wait times for … Continue reading Reproductive Immunologist Appointment Confirmed

Infertility and Reproductive Freedom

Everybody wants to talk about Reproductive Freedom and Reproductive Choice. And that is a GREAT thing. My gripe is that the conversation only ever goes one-way: preventing conception until a woman is ready to have children. Access to birth control options and abortion services are of course important. But, what about those of us who did wait, and … Continue reading Infertility and Reproductive Freedom

Listen Up! Infertility is a Disease

This was originally posted at on April 25, 2017. This post has been nominated for the NOH 2017 Best Infertility Blog Award! If you'd like to vote for this blog, and this blog post, you can do so here: This being National Infertility Awareness Week, I am of course compelled to write about my … Continue reading Listen Up! Infertility is a Disease

Family Size Decisions: Coping With the Loss of Choosing

One of the hidden emotional costs of infertility is what it does to your ability to make plans. Among those plans is the idea that you had some control over your family size. Growing up, and during dating and subsequent marriage, I think a lot of us make plans around how many children we want to … Continue reading Family Size Decisions: Coping With the Loss of Choosing