Weight Loss Surgery is a Go!

I officially got approved for weight loss surgery. All in all, it took about two weeks from submission for my insurance to clear me and approve my surgery request. I had the option of scheduling surgery as soon as September 10th due to a cancellation, or October 10. Work has been insane though, so I pushed out my date to November 21st. I will have a time once it gets closer to the actual surgery date.

So what now? Now I wait until November 7th, and that’s when shit will start getting real. Starting the 7th I have to go on a liver shrink diet of 5 low sugar protein drinks a day, and clear broth for two weeks. This is to shrink down my liver to make it easier to retract and move out of the way for surgery. I will also have a final medical clearance appointment. At that appointment, I will receive all of my post-surgery medication prescriptions. I will also get an abdominal ultrasound to check my gallbladder. If I have stones they will remove it while they are in there, if not, I will get a prescription to hopefully prevent stones.

In the meantime, I am prepping my lists for the upcoming lifestyle changes I will have to make. I am getting all of my vitamins and supplements ordered and just mentally preparing for the serious lifestyle change. I am mildly worried since it is surgery, but my overall feeling is excitement. To me, this is just one more step towards my ultimate end goal: healthy and parenting.


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